Pelesys Aviation Training’s Process for updating Special Operations Courseware

Pelesys aviation training and pilot training special operations courseware updating process

At Pelesys we have developed one of the largest special operations courseware libraries in the aviation training industry and take great care in maintaining this courseware annually to ensure regulatory compliance. Every year our Special Operations Course team completes a thorough review of every course to ensure it is up to date and reflects any changes to regulatory requirements. The courses are divided up and reviewed quarterly based on regulatory amendment cycles and other factors.


Maintaining regulatory compliance with the ICAO

Because there are many state agencies involved in the regulatory process that are conducting oversight of their specific state-authorized operators, trying to keep track of regulatory changes on the local level is impractical.


Instead, we provide compliance with ICAO which publishes documents that represent Standards and Regulatory Practices (SARPS) for the member States to use in compiling local rules.  Individual States are required to either comply with the SARPS or register differences with ICAO, where specific local requirements may not be covered.


In addition to complying with ICAO, we follow EASA and the FAA regulations as they oversee a large number of operators under their standards. While we operate globally, we are a Canadian company so it’s important that we provide regulatory compliance to Transport Canada where applicable as well. For example, Transport Canada regulates large geographical areas where long-range flight operations are conducted, including NAT HLA, and Canadian Northern Domestic Airspace, as well as the North Polar Region.


On-going maintenance for all aviation training courses

Our special courseware library includes courses that require little or no change year over year including Weather & Meteorology, SMS, Hot Weather Operations, PRM, Introduction to Command, and Thunderstorm Avoidance.


Even with no regulatory updates required, our team completes annual compliance checks and will revise course content to meet new internal standards, update the look and feel of the courses as well as update the copyright, currency, and title date reference to reflect the current year.


Recurrent aviation training courses

Pelesys is committed to ensuring that courses relied upon for recurrent training, with material subject to a regulatory change that may come into immediate effect, will be updated on an urgent basis. This will happen whether or not they are slated for regular updating within the current quarter.


For a detailed look at our maintenance process and the regulatory compliance framework for each course, those using Pelesys LMS can find the course outlines on their TMDS under Special Operations Course Listing.  Also included are detailed course outlines listed by quarter detail the content and course objectives for each course.


You can also see the latest updates to our courseware library here:

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