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Pelesys aviation training solutions employee feature Geoff

At Pelesys, we pride ourselves on creating a corporate culture that encourages our employees to thrive which in turn makes our entire team stronger. With over 20 years in the aviation training industry, each member of our team from sales to customer service to our subject matter experts play an incredibly valuable role in our company’s success.


Through our employee feature series, we interview members of our team and their roles within Pelesys to provide some insight as to how our company works and to showcase how valuable they and their departments are.


In this article, we’re featuring sales manager, Geoffrey Schnitzer who has been with our company for over 10 years. When not working with our clients Geoffrey is also an active pilot with Air Canada as well as a devoted husband and father of two.


What is your current role at Pelesys?

I am a Pelesys Sales Manager, primarily working with clients within the Asia/Pacific Region, as well as clients in North America and Europe.


I started with Pelesys 10 years ago as a subject matter expert working on writing and revising our Special Operations Courseware Library (some of our graphics team still shudder at the thought of the infamous “Schnitzer Storyboards”). You might be able to see my presence in one or two of our special operations courseware titles (Easter Egg Hunt Anyone?).


When not working with Pelesys, I am an active pilot with Air Canada, where I am currently transitioning from flying the Airbus A319/320/321, to the B787-8/9 aircraft.


What is your favorite thing about working at Pelesys?

The people, the people, the people.

Having grown with Pelesys over the last 10+ years, it’s been amazing to see the level of talent that people bring to the company, along with the buy in from everyone, which has helped to grow Pelesys and keep it at the forefront of the aviation training industry.

Despite the growth, I truly believe that Pelesys continues to be a dynamic organization, where people take a sense of ownership and pride in their work. I am grateful for the relationships I’ve built over the years, and feel blessed to be a part of such a dynamic team.


What do you like to do when you’re not at the office?

Whatever my kids tell me we are doing – this involves activities such as baseball, soccer, or riding bikes. I’ve also managed to re-kindle my Lego and transformer skills (on request of my children).

My wife and I are big into wine – we subscribe to the philosophy that it can be good for you, and it’s also an educational thing that we get to do together.

When I get some time or a kitchen pass, I’m in the gym or playing sports (baseball/basketball) to try and stay active.


Where have you traveled, and or what is your favorite place you’ve traveled?  And where would you like to travel next?

I’ve traveled extensively throughout North America, including Mexico and the Caribbean, while working for Pelesys and Air Canada – Though I must admit that I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been to exotic locations such as Edmonton and Winnipeg!


Outside of this, I’ve been privileged to do a fair bit of traveling abroad for both for fun and in my sales responsibility with Pelesys – Fiji, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Germany, Holland, U.K, and Italy.


I must admit that Fiji does rank as the favourite, given that it was a fantastic family trip (furthest abroad together), and our boys still miss the Bula Bus and worry that the people at the resort are still missing them. There is nothing better than Fiji time!


On the bucket list is definitely a trip through the Southern Hemisphere – Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina for some wine touring with my wife Karen. Should this trip ever materialize, we will be enlisting the services of Grandma and Grandpa to look after our boys, unless they reach the age of 16, at which point they can chauffeur us around. But the next personal trip? hopefully, anywhere that doesn’t involve an airport!



We are so fortunate to have Geoffrey on our team especially as he balances a busy home life, his work with our team and his work as an Air Canada pilot.


If you’re interested in a career at Pelesys please check our careers page for availability.


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If you have any other questions related to Pelesys’ courses or services please send us an email or give us a call at 604-233-6268.

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