Pelesys Employee Feature – Siva

Pelesys employee feature Siva courseware development lead subject matter expert AND a Pelesys aviation maintenance training instructor & developer.

The Pelesys team is made up of a wide array of team members from various backgrounds who bring valuable skills and areas of expertise to our organization. With over 100 employees we are proud to have cultivated a team of talented people who continue to help Pelesys grow year after year.


Through previous employee features, we have introduced you to our sales manager, director of aviation maintenance, project manager, software developer, and DevOps manager. In this employee feature we’d like to introduce you to another team member who wears multiple hats at Pelesys, Narayanasamy “Siva” Sivanandam who is a courseware development lead subject matter expert AND a Pelesys aviation maintenance training instructor & developer.


Siva joined our maintenance training team in November 2018 and started working on courseware development in February 2019. Before joining Pelesys, Siva worked for 12 years with a major North American airline as a fleet specialist for the airline’s wide-body aircraft.


Siva is a valuable member of our team so we sat down with him to learn more about him and his role at Pelesys.



What do you do at Pelesys?

I verify revisions the subject matter experts submit and pass them along to the developers to implement the required updates. Upon completion of the revisions, I do another verification to ensure the updates are in accordance with the customer’s requirements and once it passes we release the updates to the customer.

When not developing courseware, I also do teach EASA and Transport Canada approved training curriculum to line engineers, for Pelesys Maintenance Training.


What do you love the most about Pelesys, the company?

The management, and my colleagues for providing a conducive working environment. I also thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to share my knowledge with my younger colleagues.


Tell us about a recent project you completed at Pelesys, what did you do and why did it need to be done?

In December, Air Canada will be adding the A220 aircraft to its fleet and I have been a part of the team training the Air Canada engineers on this aircraft. We have been working hard to train all of the engineers to our rigid standards to ensure they are prepared to handle the aircraft.


Tell us a bit about yourself – what do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I volunteer with a local group of senior citizens who need medical attention and require someone to be around them. It’s a very fulfilling role and I get to connect with many fascinating seniors in my community.


What’s your favourite place to have travelled to?

I have been to many countries and lived in several of them but the most memorable one is Bludenz, Austria. It was a beautiful village very similar to Vancouver and the people were very friendly.

Many people were unable to speak English, but we managed to communicate by sign language.


What trip is on your bucket list?

The whole of South America. I have been to Columbia before and enjoyed the environment and the people and would love to explore the rest of South America to experience more of the continent’s culture.



If you are interested in a role at Pelesys please visit our careers page. To learn more about our team and the various departments please read through our other employee features:

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