Pelesys & Hawaiian Airlines Partners in Aviation Training

Pelesys has been providing aviation training solutions to Hawaiian since 2009 on the Airbus A320 & A321 Neo

For over 20 years we have been providing aviation training solutions to customers across the globe and we are incredibly honoured to work with some of the world’s top airlines. Together we have accomplished a number of great milestones in aviation training.


One customer we are particularly proud to work with is Hawaiian Airlines who we have been fortunate to work with since 2009. Based in Honolulu, with nearly 90 years in business, they are Hawaii’s largest and longest-serving airline. They have received many prestigious awards including leading all US carriers in on-time performance for the past 14 years!


Providing non-stop service to Hawaii from destinations in North America, Asia, and the South Pacific as well as service to every major Hawaiian Island, we are always looking forward to meeting our partners at Hawaiian Airlines in person, especially in the winter 🙂


Partners in Aviation Training Since 2009

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When we began working with Hawaiian Airlines in 2009 we were providing aviation training only to their pilots. Over the years we have expanded our training to other work groups within the airline and today we provide aviation training infrastructure to their 7,000+ employees.


Hawaiian utilizes our Training Management System including Learning Management System, Exam Generator System and CrewPad, our offline Mobile platform which allows training to be completed from anywhere in the world while still maintaining regulatory compliance.


They also use our entire library of Special Operations Courses for pilot training which is the largest independent courseware in the industry updated annually to maintain regulatory compliance with EASA, FAA, Transport Canada, ICAO, and other regulatory agencies.



Airbus A330 & A321 Neo aviation Training           


Since 2010 we have been providing CBT aviation training to Hawaiian Airlines for the Airbus A330 which helps Hawaiian fly more passengers, further and efficiently. Each Hawaiian Airlines A330 is auspiciously named for a celestial body of particular importance to ancient Polynesian navigators, from Hokupaa (Polaris) to Hanaiakamalama (Southern Cross).


In June 2018 Hawaiian Airlines welcomed the fuel-efficient Airbus A321 neo to its fleet allowing Hawaiian the opportunity to fly to new destinations along the west coast of North America. As part of the introduction to their fleet, our team provided A321 CBT training and we are currently working on developing training solutions for the A321 to Hawaiian Airlines pilots.


Hawaiian Airlines is a great partner of ours and we look forward to growing our partnership in the future.


If you’d like to learn more about any of our aviation training services including our systems, courseware or maintenance training solutions please give us a call at 604-233-6268 or send us an email to

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