PELESYS’ TMDS – Preferred Training Platform of Choice for 150+ Airlines Worldwide.

Pelesys Training Management and Deployment TMDS dashboard updates

Pelesys provides the most comprehensive solution to manage recurrent training for airlines.


Pelesys old TMDS dashboard view

Example of the Home Interface in Classic TMDS

In fact, Pelesys’ Training Management and Deployment System (TMDS) is the preferred training platform for over 150 airlines for tracking employee training and accreditations. TMDS is a cloud-based solution that enables airline employees (students) including pilots, flight crews and maintenance crews to continue their recurrent aviation training from anywhere.


Only TMDS provides instant distribution capabilities of all exams and courseware created for student use both on or offline.  TMDS is a reliable workhorse because it increases Administrator productivity by doing all the heavy lifting of tracking and reminding students about looming course or qualification deadlines.




Pelesys updated training management and deployment dashboard

The Home Interface in Modern TMDS showing both Tile and List Options

More interesting, are the recent changes to the TMDS Dashboard. In the image following, you’ll note the modern fresh look of the Interface, which makes workflow efficiencies second to none! The intent behind the design is to increase user engagement by making it more responsive but with fewer clicks.


The Dashboard is a user’s Home base that provides them with a high-level snapshot of recent actions, updates, and notices of future courses or expiry dates. The visual cues for a student’s progress are more intuitive than the ones present in TMDS Legacy. Overall, the layout is eye-catching and dynamic where each link takes you directly to the information instead of lengthy navigation.




No longer do students have to roam farther than the Dashboard to continue their studies. Now, the student makes one click on a Course Tile and instantly returns to the place where he or she left off. From the Dashboard Settings, Administrators can choose how they present the courses depending on the Panel Type they select. Within each Panel, Students can then choose how the courses appear.


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