Q2 2019 Special Operations Courseware Updates

Q2 2019 Special Operations Courseware Updates

During the Q2 2019, Special Operations Courseware review our team made updates to the following courses:



1 Cold Weather Operations 

Cold Weather Operations has been a Q2 course in the past, but we have elected as of 2020 to move it to Q3 to align with the release of the Holdover Table Guidelines.


2 NAT HLA Operations

For Q2 2019 release, we have made extensive updates to our North Atlantics Operations Course (instead of Q3 2019). This course has been extensively revised to capture the new NAT HLA Bulletins regarding changes to the OTS separation minima as a result of the introduction of PBCS Airspace changes, the new ASEPS trial, and resulting changes to Contingency Operations.  Also, Items of Special Emphasis has been added to cover the entry of waypoints with half-degree separation into the FMS and to ensure gross navigational error does not occur due to the inclusion of this new separation standard.


We have also retitled the course. The new name “NAT HLA Operations” better aligns the course name with the included material which covers all airspace including the North Atlantic Track OTS, Canadian Minimum Navigation Specification (CMNPS), Canadian Required Navigation Performance Capability (RNPC), and Western Atlantic Route System (WATRS and WATRS +) Airspaces.


NAT HLA Operations has been a Q3 course in the past, but we have elected as of 2020 to move it to Q1 to align with the NAT HLA Bulletin cycle.




For more information on the process for our annual courseware review please see the Pelesys Aviation Training’s Process for updating Special Operations Courseware article.


If you’re interested in any of our special operations courses for your flight crew please get in touch with us directly via email at sales@pelesys.com or by calling 1 (604) 233-6268.

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