Q3 2019 Special Operations Courseware Updates

Pelesys Q3 2019 special operations updates

Regular maintenance for Pelesys’ Specialty Operations courses, scheduled for Quarter 3, 2019 have been completed.  The course list includes:

  • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
  • High Altitude Training
  • Airplane Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (AUPRT)
  • North Atlantic High-Level Airspace Operations (NAT HLA)
  • Traffic Collision and Avoidance Systems (TCAS)
  • Volcanic Ash
  • Cosmic Radiation

Following up on our Quarter 2 Special Operations Release article we have updated the Hold Over Time (HOT) Tables for Cold Weather 2019-2020 now that they have been released.


NAT HLA Updates

Significant changes to the NAT HLA course have been undertaken to bring it into compliance with NAT HLA Bulletins 2018-001, -003, -004, 005 (Rev1), and 006.  This includes the addition of the Advanced Surveillance-Enhanced Procedural Separation (ASEPS) Trial, and the full implementation of Reduced Lateral Separation Minima (RLatSM), including a re-designation of the affected airspace to Performance-Based Communication Systems (PBCS) Airspace.  The latter better defines the overall performance requirements for communications systems including CPDLC and ADS-C, that apply to this airspace.


PBCS Airspace integrates the former PBCS standalone requirements into the airspace equipment requirements, providing a single source for operational and technical information for use in the PBCS Organized Track Structure (OTS).


Special Operations Courses Now HTML 5

To allow for better functionality at the user level, all Pelesys Special Operations Courses are based upon HTML 5.   Individual lessons and slides can be selected ON or OFF within the LMS itself, allowing for courses to be divided into recurrent modules at the customers’ discretion.  As well, all courses have been updated to include the Course Objectives and the Regulatory Compliance information within the opening Notice pages.


Additional Course Amendments as Required

As per Pelesys’ compliance standard, courses which are subject to regulatory/operational change during the year will be amended as soon as any such changes are published.  We take our compliance role very seriously and welcome our many customers’ input regarding such changes.  Customers can submit change requests of this nature through the Support portal or through their Customer Service Managers.


To gain a better understanding of Pelesys’ process for updating and maintaining our special operations course library, one of the largest in the aviation training industry, please see our article Pelesys Aviation Training’s Process for updating Special Operations Courseware.


Previous courseware updates include:

Q2 2019 Special Operations Courseware Updates

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