What to expect from Pelesys at EATS 2018, the European Airline Training Symposium

Pelesys looks forward to attending EATS 2018 the European Aviation Training Symposium in Madrid

Pelesys is once again excited to be taking part in the European Aviation Training Symposium, better known as EATS, hosted by the Halldale Group November 6-7th at a new location for 2018 – Madrid. Make sure to stop by booth 69 to meet our team in person and to learn about our industry-leading aviation training products including our Enhanced-CBT options, FMS Trainers and solutions to manage your Evidence Based Training programs.


To get a better understanding of what to expect from Pelesys at EATS 2018 we reached out to Matthew Nolletti, one of our Sales Managers who works closely with our European training partners.


Matthew has been with Pelesys for over 6 years and has extensive experience assisting our clients with their Training Management and Deployment Solutions.  Matthew started at Pelesys as an Account Manager responsible for client onboarding, implementation and program success management. Today as one of our Sales Managers, Matthew focuses on market analysis, new client needs assessment and product adoption. With experience in both key roles at Pelesys, Matthew has developed a unique set of skills and knowledge which he effectively utilizes to serve his clients.


What will Pelesys be doing at EATS 2018?


We’re quite excited for this year’s EATS conference in Madrid.  A new venue always attracts new attendees and new opportunities.  During EATS, Pelesys will be looking to highlight our current Training Management and Deployment Solutions, consisting of our large suite of both industry leading training systems and courses.


During EATS we will be highlighting some of our new systems including our newly deployed Exam Generation System, Training Scheduling System, and our widely-anticipated upcoming UI release which will transform our foundational system graphic user interface.


We will also be demonstrating to the market how we continually innovate our products and provide value to our clients for example with our Enhanced-CBT options.  This includes our industry-leading Free-Play FMS trainers, and Virtual Walk around trainers, both of which are changing the traditional way training can be deployed for our customers. We provide our clients with a more cost-effective, and higher quality Enhanced-CBT training experience which can be delivered with extremely high fidelity, all from a single web-based tool. With our new Enhanced-CBT product, in some customer cases, we are seeing a reduction in the use of a higher fidelity device such as an IPT or another fixed-based trainer, leading to a reduction in instructional time and a better-prepared trainee when arriving at the training center.


Looking at some preliminary attendance numbers we anticipate a large turnout at EATS this year, including many Pelesys customers. We will have a large team from Pelesys who will be in attendance to assist our customers with all their questions and to facilitate any product demonstrations. We always feel it is important to include team members beyond just Sales and Management at the conferences we attend.  This is why every year Pelesys also elects to bring Customer Service Managers, IT Support Representatives, and Subject Matter Experts as well.  This ensures we continually foster and grow existing client relationships face-to-face where they may not always have the chance to do so, while also ensuring we stay receptive to the latest trends and practices on the market.  I am personally looking forward to connecting with our existing clients, potential clients and industry partners.



EATS 2018 speakers


We tend to be extremely busy with customer meetings during the conference so unfortunately we often miss many of the speaking events during EATS. However, should I have any spare time at the conference, I would be very eager to attend Captain Torbjorn Wischer’s keynote on Efficient Training, Augmented Training Solutions within the Pilot Training Conference and also Nicolai Bondo Rasmussen’s keynote on Evolving Concepts in Virtual Training, The Use of VR in Cabin Crew Safety Training within the Cabin Crew Training Conference.


EATS is a great forum for us to connect face-to-face with existing clients, potential clients, and industry partners, and we try our best to engage with as many people as we can in multiple settings throughout the week.


Please make sure to stop by booth 69 and say hi to the Pelesys team during EATS 2018 in Madrid.


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